The World of Zippety

The theme of Zippety’s Lazer World is inspired by the children’s book Zippety Visits Prairie Town (available for purchase at Zippety’s or online through Amazon).

Zippety is a curious zebra with a passion for learning and technology. When he gets lost and winds up in Prairie Town, he meets a colorful cast of characters who are constantly bullied by Riproar the Lion. Working together, they are able to defeat Riproar and bring peace back to Prairie Town. Zippety Visits Prairie Town is written at a second-grade reading level with vocabulary words in the back of the book.

Cast of Zippety characters:

Zippety the Zebra

Zippety Zebra

Zippety is the main character in Zippety’s Lazer World. He is curious, smart, and loves to invent new contraptions. He is brave but can be a bit shy around others.

Riproar the Lion

Riproar Lion

Riproar is a confident and assertive citizen in Prairie Town. He is mean and rude to others because he likes to get his way. His only friend is Buff the Tuff.

Jinx the Leopard

Jinx Leopard

Jinx is an adventurer who travels the world for rare treasures. She came to Prairie Town because rumor has it the mines in the town are full of the exotic rare purple gem called Purcora.

Timber the Tortoise

Timber Tortoise

Timber owns the local restaurant and milk bar in Prairie Town. He is very easy-going and friendly. He knows everyone in town and by first name.

Ms. Clementine

Ms. Clementine Mole

Ms. Clementine is a tough mine worker. She supervises the prairie dogs that do work in the mines and acts as a mother to them. She is very protective of those she cares about and has been known to smack misbehaving individuals with her shovel.

Buff the Tuff

Buff the Tuff

Buff can be seen hanging out at the gym or by the mines lifting heavy rocks to get stronger. He is not very smart but is very dedicated and focused on what he believes in. He doesn’t mind Riproar’s rude personality and hangs out with him from time to time.

Prairie Dogs

Most of Prairie Town’s citizens are prairie dogs in different outfits (hence the town’s name). They manage the town’s economy by working most jobs and spending their money in shops. They love working in the mines to dig for Purcora, the rare purple mineral only found in Praire Town’s mines. They use the Purcora as money to buy things.