Party Package

Our most popular package!

The Party Package provides laser tag guns suitable for kids ages 6-12. The party laser tag battle pistols are bright, colorful, easy to hold, and easy to use! The Package size depends on the size and shape of your venue. This package can support up to 10-player games at one time. However, parties with larger sizes may rotate players in and out of games.

*Note: Packages are for 2-hour rentals. If you book a 4-hour rental, double the below prices (you also get a 25% discount!)


Small Arena Party Package*- $150

For a small get-together, the Small Arena Package is your most economical option. We will provide 5-8 inflatable walls to create an arena. Up to 8 battle pistols will be provided for up to 8-person games. This package is ideal for small front and back yards, and best for 10 or fewer players.

Medium Arena Party Package*- $200

The Medium Arena Package includes 9-12 inflatable walls to create an arena. Up to 10 battle pistols will be provided. This package is great for larger front and back yards and events with 10 to 20 players.

Large Arena Party Package- $250

The Large Arena Package includes over 12 walls (up to 20) for the ultimate laser tag experience. Up to 12 battle pistols will be provided. This package is ideal for parking lots, open fields, and yards with plenty of space, as well as events with more than 20 players.

*Note: We also do indoor parties! You can get a Small or Medium package indoor for the listed prices! Cold and rainy weather isn’t enough to stop this laser tag party!