Battle Package

For the more experienced players, we recommend the battle package. The battle package only uses inflatable walls (no cars). The battle rifles are black, sophisticated laser tag guns with advanced features such as rumble feedback, several different game types, and customizable gun types. The same battle rifles can be programmed to wield an SMG, a battle cannon, a sniper rifle, a shotgun, and even a heavy machine gun! All gun types have different sound effects, ranges, bullet damage, and clip sizes, adding a whole new layer of strategy to your laser tag game!

*Note: Packages are for 2-hour rentals. If you book a 4-hour rental, double the below prices (you also get a 25% discount!)


6-Player (Small) Battle Package- $225

For games of 6 players or less, we will set up a custom-build arena out of inflatable walls (based on your playing area) and 6 battle rifles to play games ranging from free-for-all, team battles, domination, and king of the hill!

10-Player (Medium) Battle Package- $325

This package is just like the previous one, only for up to 10 players per game.

14-Player (Large) Battle Package- $375

This package is just like the previous one, only for up to 14 players per game.

Guns Only Battle Package- $180 for 6 guns

Have your own outdoor field with natural obstacles such as trees, hills, and bushes? You can rent out just the guns for savings! We rent out battle rifles for up to 6 players for $180. Add an additional $10 for each additional player (up to 14 players total).

Indoor Arena

Although we are a mobile laser tag business, we don’t let cold or rainy weather stop us! We can set up in a variety of indoor locations like gyms, reception halls, and large rooms with open space. Ask us about our indoor booking options!